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Overview of Nye County’s 2020 Primary Election

The 2020 Primary Election is officially underway, with mail-in ballots making their way to homes all across Nye County and Nevada.

This year’s process has seen some major disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic but Nye County Clerk Sam Merlino is assuring residents that the new absentee-ballot-only system will be conducted with the same level of security and accuracy as any traditional election would.

Voters have two ways to get their votes in, either by mail or by dropping them off in person at the county clerk’s office in Pahrump or Tonopah. Ballots will be accepted during regular business hours as well as during the official early voting period and on primary election day, June 9.

The clerk’s office will be open for early voting on May 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., May 26 through May 29 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., May 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and June 1 through June 5 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for voters to drop off their ballots. On June 9 the clerk’s office will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters can also do same-day registration during early voting and on primary election day.

Nye County voters have a variety of races on their ballots this year.

The race for U.S. Congressional District 4 constitutes the largest pool of candidates for local voters to consider, with eight Republicans and six Democrats on the primary ballot.

Candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Congress include:

Rosalie Bingham - 775-863-2848 - Rosalieforcongress@gmail.com - www.rosaliebingham.com - Facebook at Rosalie for Congress

Leo Blundo - 702-595-2269 - leonardoblundo@hotmail.com -www.blundofornevada.com - Facebook at Leo Blundo For Nevada and Twitter at Blundo For Nevada

Jim Marchant - 702-706-1815 - jim@jimmarchant.com - www.jimmarchant.com - Facebook at Elect Jim Marchant

Charles Navarro - 702-518-0307 - charles@navarrofornevada.com - www.navarrorfornevada.com - Facebook at Charles Navarro

Sam Peters - Sam@sampeters4congress.com - www.sampeters4congress.com -Facebook and Twitter at Sam Peters Nevada

Randi Reed - Randi@randireednv.com - www.randireednv.com - Facebook at Randi Reed NV

Lisa Song Sutton - 702-718-9775 - www.lisa4nevada.com - lisa@lisa4nevada.com - Facebook at Lisa Song Sutton

Rebecca Wood - 702-381-4033 - rebecca@rebeccawood.us - www.rebeccawood.us - Facebook at Rebecca Wood NV

Candidates seeking the Democratic Congressional nomination include:

George Brucato - 702-738-9900 - Facebook at George Brucato

Chris Colley - Chris@colleyforcongress.com - www.colleyforcongress.com

Gabrielle “Brie” d’Ayr - Contact@briefornevada.com - www.briefornevada.com - Facebook at Brie for Nevada

Jennifer Eason - Jennifer@easonforcongress.com - www.easonforcongress.com - Facebook at Eason For Congress or Jennifer Eason

Steven Horsford - Info@stevehorsford.com - www.stevenhorsford.com - Facebook at Steven Horsford

Gregory Kempton - Kemptonforcongress.nv@gmail.com - www.gregorykemptonforcongress.com - Facebook at Gregory Kempton 1

The Republican and Democratic nominees will then face a general election race against Libertarian Jonathan Royce Esteban and Independent American Party candidate Barry Rubinson.

With only two candidates, both Republicans, running for Nevada Assembly District 36, the person who will ultimately hold this office hinges solely upon the primary election.

Assembly District 36 candidates include:

Greg Hafen II - 775-727-1629 - gregory@hafen4nevada.com - www.hafen4nevada.com - Facebook at Hafen4Nevada

Dr. Joseph Bradley - 702-970-8413 - joe@electjoebradley.com - www.electjoebradley.com - Facebook at Doctor J Bradley

There are three Nye County Commission seats up for election this year as well, those representing districts 1, 2 and 3. The primary election for county commission includes an all-Republican field of contenders.

Candidates for commission District 1 include:

Trevor Dolby - Trevordolbydistrictone.com

Liandra Dutton - 775-346-0796 - Facebook at Liandra Dutton for Nye County Commission

Tim Gamble - Gamble.tim@outlook.com - Facebook at Tim Gamble for Nye County

Richard “Dick” Gardner - 702-235-1453 - district1nye@gmail.com

Bruce Jabbour - Brucejabbour@gmail.com

Candidates for commission District 2 include:

Frank Carbone - Fjcarbone74@gmail.com

John Koenig - 775-253-8690 - jkoenig1@sbcglobal.net - Facebook at JKoenigNV

Candidates for commission District 3 include:

Louis “Louie” Baker - 775-990-7451 or 702-743-8297 - cobra.blulaker@gmail.com

Donna Cox - 775-209-4751 - Facebook at Donna Cox

Deanna O’Donnell - Facebook at Deanna O’Donnell for County Commissioner Dist 3

John Wehrly - Electjohnwehrlynyecommissiond3@gmail.com

The winner of the primary for District 1 will go up against nonpartisan candidate Darryl Lackey in the 2020 general election.

The representative of District 2 will be determined by the primary, as there are only two Republican candidates on the ballot.

The winner of the District 3 primary will compete with Independent American Party candidate Lance Schaus in the general election.

Nye County School District Area VI is the only school board race that requires a primary to narrow down the field of contenders.

Candidates for school board Area VI include:

Aaron Compton - acompton2@yahoo.com

Oren Hampton - ohamptono@outlook.com

Mark Hansen - mktmhansen@gmail.com

Liese Peterson - lpeterson@ 9elmsdevelopment.com

The top two vote-getters in this nonpartisan race will then head to the general election.

General-election-only races

There are several elections taking place this year that are not included in the primary but will go directly to the general.

Nevada State Senate District 19 will be on the general election ballot with incumbent Pete Goicoechea, a Republican, against Independent American Party candidate Tiffany “Gholson” Seeback.

Nevada State Assembly District 32 will see incumbent Alexis Hansen, a Republican, contending with Democrat Paula Povilatis.

Justice of the Peace for Pahrump Department B, a nonpartisan office, will see incumbent Kent Jasperson against Walt Grudzinski in the general election.

The nonpartisan race for the Amargosa Town Board will also go directly to the general as well, with candidates John Bosta, Esperanza “Hope” Budd, Richard Claessens, Debbera Mendyk and Morgan Scriven aiming to earn one of the three four-year term seats available.

Nye County School District Area IV will also be on the general election ballot with Marjorie Ann Schaus and Larry Small vying for that position.

Author’s Note: Current office holders appearing on the primary ballot are denoted with italics.

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