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Pahrump Valley class president says friends helped him through pandemic

For the first time in his life Louis Sposato finally feels the sky’s the limit.

With graduation set for 6:30 p.m., Friday, May 27, the senior class president at Pahrump Valley High School had a chance to reflect on these last four years.

According to Sposato, navigating not only the teen years of high school, but the pandemic as well made it difficult to garner motivation at times.

“I navigated the ordeal by just knowing I would see my friends each and every day,” said Sposato, even after almost a year of attending school remotely because of pandemic restrictions.

But the class of 2022 is overjoyed to be graduating post-pandemic.

And President Sposato wanted to make the year special.

Being class president

This was Sposato’s first year on the council — and as class president of all posts.

“In previous years I helped the council with poster making and event set-ups to help my friends that were in the council at the time,” he said.

As class president, some of Sposato’s duties included planning senior sunrise, designing and purchasing senior shirts and planning the details of graduation, such as the year’s song, flower choice and color scheme.

Influences that shaped Sposato

Sposato had some strong influences throughout high school to help guide him to where he is today. Sposato’s AP U.S. government teacher, Mrs. Martin was really able to connect with not only Sposato but the entire PVHS student body as well.

Her influence was so strong on Sposato that he plans on mimicking her teaching style the best he can when he, too, becomes an educator.

“I remember asking her how she is able to connect with so many students, she softly smiled and responded ‘Because I treat them like adults’,” said Sposato.

Mrs. Martin wasn’t the only person to play a major role in Louis Sposato’s four years of high school. His parents also played a major role.

“My father, Lou Sposato, was a big role model for me socially and athletically. I played the sport of his choice, baseball, for two years before discovering the sports I truly love, cross country and track,” said Sposato who did those sports for two years, as well.

His mother, Barbra Sposato, was also a large influence.

“She has completely formed the work ethic and motivation I have today. She drove me every day to Las Vegas just to attend elementary and middle school because she thought it was better for me,” said Sposato.

According to Sposato, his mother accepted nothing less than “high honors” classes and has made him the “workaholic” he is today.

Small town vibes

The school and “small town” feel of Pahrump also also took part in shaping Sposato.

“When people claim everyone knows one another, it is kind of a legitimate statement. You can name almost everyone in the hallways and you will at least know one person in your class,” said Sposato.

After graduation, Sposato said he will miss his friends the most. They’re all going to different places after high school.

“Fate can only decide if our paths cross again,” he said.

Sposato will be heading to Flagstaff, Arizona to attend Northern Arizona University in the fall.

Until then, he plans on working as a server over the summer and enjoying the time he has left with his friends before departing on the next chapter of his life.

What the future holds

Ten years from now Sposato sees himself teaching a classroom of college students. He plans on attaining a doctorate degree in the process. But besides that, Sposato’s long-term goal is simple.


“I want to wake up every morning happy, living the dream I always wanted, helping and inspiring others to achieve their own dreams,” said Sposato.

Patrick Billings is a freelance writer in Pahrump.

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