Pets to benefit from donation to Pahrump Fire Department

As a self-described artist and metalsmith for the past several decades, Giselle Galassi’s passion for creating jewelry may only be matched by her love for animals.

Roughly two years ago Galassi created a Facebook page entitled Giselle’s Creations, where she sells her unique artwork and donates the profits to various organizations and agencies across the country.

“I started this about two years ago, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to animal rescues across the country,” she said. “The people who buy my jewelry nominate their particular animal rescue facility. If someone wants to check out my jewelry, they can just go on Facebook and type in Giselle’s Creations. The picture that will come up is a human eye with a dog paw in it.”

Late last month, Galassi expanded on her altruistic idea and decided to provide fire departments with oxygen masks for animals who have fallen victim to structure fires.

One such agency was Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Services, who received the lifesaving apparatus late last month.

“The fire department received one mask,” she noted. “The design is three different sizes, reusable, and it can be for dogs or cats or even a hamster. We will continue doing this until everyone has at least one kit. I get them from a place called Wagging Tails and they are a nonprofit organization. They are made in New Zealand and are of good quality and have a two-year warranty.”

Pahrump Fire Chief Scott Lewis graciously accepted the donation at Pahrump’s Station One on Feb. 25.

He spoke about the importance of the equipment.

“During many of our structure fires, we encounter pets that are still inside the structures, and obviously we make every attempt to ensure their safety,” he said. “In those cases where they sustained some smoke inhalation, we now have some additional masks. They come in different sizes according to the dog’s muzzle, so that we can provide some necessary oxygen to the animal and try to revive them and get them off to the appropriate medical care. Those products are now on the trucks and we are conducting training. I hope they save a lot of lives for us when we use them.”

Galassi, meanwhile, has an interesting back story prior to moving to Pahrump back in 2012.

“I am from Luxembourg and my husband is from Florence, Italy,” she said. “We first came to Michigan, but we bought a house out here to retire. I heard about Pahrump on the internet because I was looking for something quiet and beautiful and we love it here.”

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