Reward for Nevada moose poacher increased to $10K

Updated January 26, 2018 - 8:34 am

State wildlife officials have upped the reward to $10,000 for anyone who helps them catch a moose poacher.

The remains of an adult moose were found on Christmas Day 20 miles southeast of the Northern Nevada town of Jarbidge, about 500 miles north of Las Vegas. The animal’s head and much of its meat were taken, suggesting the work of a poacher or poachers

Game wardens said the moose was killed in middle to late December in a very visible area, so they’re hoping someone saw something that could be helpful in catching the individuals responsible.

The initial reward of $1,000 was increased to $10,000 thanks to donations from Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn and a $2,500 gift from Jelindo and Sandee Tiberti.

“As an avid sportsman, I know hunting is used as a wildlife management tool by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and biologists to conserve and enhance Nevada’s wildlife,” Jelindo Tiberti, a longtime hunter and member of the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn, said in a written statement.

“Poaching, on the other hand, is just a criminal act and not hunting. If hunters don’t stand up to protect these animals, who will?”

Moose are rare in Nevada, but in recent years they have been sighted and photographed with increasing regularity in northern Elko and Humboldt counties, suggesting the species has taken up permanent residence in the state for the first time on record.

Wildlife officials don’t conduct formal population surveys of moose, but the number of sightings suggests Nevada is now home to 25 to 40 of the animals.

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