Trump’s son stops in Pahrump ahead of the caucus

Eric Trump, son of businessman and presidential hopeful Donald Trump, made a quick stop in Pahrump on Tuesday morning ahead of the Nevada Republican Caucus.

The third of Trump’s five children, Eric Trump spoke on his father’s behalf to a crowd of 70 people inside Nye County Republican Central Committee Headquarters, located at 1321 S. Highway 160. He briefly touched on immigration, federal lands, Social Security and welfare.

“Guys, he is an awesome man,” Eric Trump said about his father.

“His message is very practical one, which is called efficiency, it’s called not wasting money,” he said when answering a question about saving Social Security.

Donald Trump was rallying supporters in southern Nevada prior to the state’s Republican Caucus. On Monday night, he gathered 6,000 people at his rally at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas.

“This is the guy who put his heart into everything he did. He is so enthusiastic, he worked harder than everybody, he was tougher, he was smarter, he was everything,” Eric Trump said.

Eric Trump also touched down on some of his childhood moments, talking about a safari in Africa.

“Hunting was a big part of my life and the outdoors was a big part of my life,” he said.

Many of those in attendance said they were going to vote for Donald Trump.

“Economically speaking, he is our guy,” said Pahrump resident Mary Williams.

Janisse Ager said she was planning to caucus for Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

“I believe that Donald Trump will be the best president we have because he knows how to run a corporation, he is a businessman, he is not a politician,” she said. “America is a corporation, most people don’t realize that. So he knows what needs to be done.”

When answering a question about welfare, Eric Trump also said there’s “no question” America has to go back to work.

“And he says it all the time that this country has to get to work,” he said about his father. “This country has to get back to work.”

He called hard work, understanding the value of the dollar and achieving what you want to achieve “the building blocks” of America.

“We are not one of these socialist countries that work 25 hours a week and take naps in the middle of the day, that’s not what America is,” he said.

The event came with short notice. Nye County Republican Central Committee Chairman Leo Blundo said the visit means a lot to the people in Pahrump.

“Donald Trump is breaking the political correctness and the rules of how a campaign is done. He is doing it out of his own pocket, he is stepping up to the plate. And (it’s) a different perspective. That’s why I think people are resonating with him,” he said.

“It means a lot to us,” he said about the visit. “Politically, Pahrump is on the map and that means a lot to me personally.”

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