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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Infringements on Second Amendment need to end

I see where Gov. Sisolak wants more money for his personal security. Funny, he steps all over the citizens’ Second Amendment, which he is sworn to uphold, then wants more armed guards for himself. Sound like something you have heard before.

I believe all the infringements on the Second Amendment have been knee-jerk reactions to events or is what the “Party” wants, which is not what Americans want.

All the facts are in and gun laws do nothing but hurt law-abiding citizens. Time to take all the infringements on the Second Amendment off the books before something happens.

Barkley Burker

Was our state legalizing marijuana really worth it?

Well, aren’t you all the smart ones to legalize marijuana for a few bucks as if we didn’t have enough druggies. I don’t think it is good for our country. It will cost us more than you will reap and it’s already started.

I just read in the paper about the dog in the park who found some marijuana but it had a sweet smell so she ate it, and got high. The vet confirmed it was marijuana. It took days for the dog to get back to normal. This happens to cats too.

Now, have you thought that your children will do the same thing when they find your stash of goodies – and they will. (Oh, but this is for our pleasure and we hide things real good at our house.) I’ve never known a kid who can’t find something parents don’t want the kids to know about. I’ve raised four, plus two more.

Little children won’t be able to take that stuff – they will get high, some sick and some will die. Think about it – is it worth it?

We will, and do, have more druggies, more wrecks, more stealing and robberies, more domestic violence, murders and doctor bills. Oh but we are having fun. Is it really worth all this?

Madelyn McPherson

Do some of us have trouble overcoming political bias?

Google and Facebook – now there’s two sources that don’t need any fact checking at all according to CJ Stevens and his PV Times letter of Feb. 14.

That reasoning would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad to the detriment of the nation as a whole in perpetuating some of the contorted ideas of those in power are capable of manipulating very cleverly and do so.

Both of these super powerful entities have fired employees who have questioned their positions openly. They both claim they are “platforms”, thus avoiding liability laws, while 97% of their employees donate to left candidates and causes. You can blame their bias on algorithms but they are written and implemented by people, these same people. On most benign things, no problem, but it would be prudent to at least check other sources.

I’m well aware both sides for years have created deception, through practices of omission, diversion, massive information (most of it irrelevant to the issue), and kernels of truth in a body of falsehoods to confuse.

For example, CJ’s assumption about the impeachment not being about Biden (or his son) – I agree it was much bigger than Biden and should have been much bigger than Trump. It screams for a much deeper open investigation of the permanent upper echelon bureaucrats no one knows that have worked behind the scenes who have power to make, break, undermine many, especially foreign policy any elected official may not want implemented.

Anyone who studies human nature knows all of us have biases and knows it is difficult to overcome these biases even after taking an oath to essentially “serve and protect”, especially when you despise the one giving you those policies you disagree with. Many of us are very good at justifying our actions and beliefs even in the face of contrary evidence. A regular openness to listen to opposition, a worthy endeavor accompanied by some self-reflection, may start some constructive dialogue.

David Jaronik

Violence will never solve our country’s problems

It seems as if someone, or many, keep up the proven wrong lies perpetuated by themselves the more they believe them. Like mindless zombies unable to change their mindset to reality. These same people believe also it’s their right to try to shut down those who speak and understand the truth, especially by using violent means.

When Americans who profess to want peace and open borders, etc., and lots of free government perks can’t understand their violent rhetoric and actions will cause more and more push-back to their cause.

They are acting like the king of England did during our Revolutionary War to gain our freedoms that we have today. By continuing to lie and be violent, they think they can achieve something of a Nirvana. It seems like their train of thought is not able to be changed even when it’s proven wrong to anyone who can actually think for themselves.

Maybe someday they will wake up to reality and stop. Crowd, think and start to believe in America.

Henry Hurlbut

Maneuvering parking lots requires regard for others

The post office parking lot is not a speedway, it’s posted with a 5 mph sign, which makes you either illiterate or a newcomer to Pahrump.

So many new people have moved here and brought their bad habits with them. The very reason you came here was to get away from all the terrible problems that engulfed your previous town. Things like not stopping at stop signs, speeding, honking your horn and being impatient with more responsible drivers, following too close, the list goes on and on and has no place here.

The same for driving through Smith’s, Walmart and Albertsons parking lots – the pedestrian has the right of way, you need to slow down! (Just a note, when did YOU as a pedestrian stop looking both ways before walking into traffic?) After you get checked out and leave the store, please walk on one side or the other and not down the middle of the area where cars are parked, that is where cars drive coming and going.

If you plan on living in Pahrump for any length of time please get a new attitude of respect for your neighbors and the people living here who love our town.

Caroll Zerkle

Work hard and follow dreams are way to success

Folks we have a problem. It’s in D.C. No — it’s not the president.

It’s these rookie socialist wannabes who think they can solve all of our problems. And yet not one, not a one of the 23 who started cat fighting on stage have mentioned our biggest, most egregious problem.

Now, with only five or six left of these clowns left, Priestess Prevaricator Pelosi and her band of infidels never talks about our $22 trillion deficit…

Funnier is the fact that most of these socialists don’t have the expertise, experience and knowledge.

It takes a very skilled person with degrees in finance, money management, company ownership and common sense to be president of anything.

If you look at western Europe, like in America, most all higher paying jobs require a college degree, experience and years of internship in like or similar lines of work you prefer.

Our tremendous growth in American businesses has zero to do with socialism. The more we hand out free, the more dependent people are on government bailouts, government loans and government control.

I know this all too well. My dad worked in the post office for 30 years in upstate New York. He begged me to join when I got out of high school. I resisted vehemently. He wanted me to have job security for life. I get that. Instead, I spent my four years in the Air Force and got into radio/TV and cable broadcasting which I really, really loved. The smartest thing I did was “follow your dream — do what you truly love!”

Often I speak with young people and they say…”How did you do all these things … buy muscle cars, new homes in Hawaii, rentals in five states etc. etc. etc…The answer is the same. Dream big, think big and work like a dog helping others along the way.

Did I ever fail? You bet. Bad decisions? Indubitably. Real estate is usually an eight- to 10-year process.

In hot markets, you can sell fast, take profit. In slower ones, that doesn’t work. Pah-Trump is a very, very slow market. Patience is needed … with real estate choices!

Now back to the gist of gestapo Democratic Party. The sophism spewed by socialists running for office

is convincing half the country to vote for this group of salvage socialists … .and toss in billionaires Bloomberg and Steyer and OMG —- chaos, dissention and failure for this failed party in Iowa was etched in stone!

Sorry if you hate the president. Sorry again if you hate his party … and one more sorry …. so so so sorry you just can’t get over Hillarys’ loss!

That’s no way to win …”being sorry.” That’s for losers. Are you a loser?

Dano Savino

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