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Controversy over ‘offensive’ actions has many sides to it

On my first visit to Germany years ago, I noticed buildings that still bore the scars of World War II. Seventy years later, you could still see dark streaks from fire and smoke on the sides of the buildings.

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Stereotyping and labeling are not proper for real truth

Letters to the Editor

Socialist countries under defense umbrella of the US

STEVE SEBELIUS: Supreme Court says a tax is a tax

The Nevada Supreme Court held that extending a tax set to expire triggers the two-thirds supermajority requirement, contradicting the author’s oft-stated view that it does not.

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Resident speaks out about construction road damage

Letters to the Editor

Reader replies to letter from Dave Thomas

STEVE SEBELIUS: American government takes two to tango

Former Sen. Harry Reid and President Joe Biden agree that America needs a functioning Republican Party, but the shadow of ex-President Trump still looms over the GOP.

Thomas Knapp: About that ‘rules-based international order’

The Biden administration has taken to frequently asserting its intention to return — versus the Trump administration’s departure therefrom — to something called a “rules-based international order.”

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Administration’s plans will likely change America