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Dan Schinhofen to Nevada governor: Don’t follow the old Yucca playbook

Recently, the governor, along with most of our congressional delegation, sent two letters to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) concerning Area 5 at the Nevada National Security Site, and of course, Yucca Mountain.

Tim Burke: No Nevada summer vacation for political hopefuls

It’s well into the middle of summer and for many Americans that means enjoying our long summer days for a few more weeks until the Labor Day holiday and the return of cooler fall weather.

Tom Rysinski: Politicians again prove they know nothing about sports

Almost invariably, politicians sound foolish when they wander into sports. They seldom know the context of the issues and certainly don’t know much about the background of the situations, and they just seem out of touch when they chime in.

Dennis Myers: Speechmaking errors are difficult to hide

During the July 4 celebration on the D.C. mall, an event at which presidents previously sat in the audience and let the performers have the limelight, Donald Trump stepped up and made a political speech in which he attacked Democrats for showing restraint in military spending.