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DAN SCHINHOFEN: It’s a joke, but it isn’t funny

The Show in Carson City would be laughable if the damage being done to our state was not so serious. The cuts that the Democrat-led Legislature has put forward are also a joke, but not funny. In the midst of a “health crisis,” they are proposing cuts to the Health Department and Education. (You’d think we could use some education during these times.)

DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: Closing schoolhouse door hurts kids

Keeping schools closed because of the coronavirus doesn’t make Americans safer and leaves kids behind in education.

TIM BURKE: Is COVID-19 Chinese plot to undermine our country?

We seem to be living in a state of constant chaos in 2020. Is it a plot by the Democrats to keep the country embroiled and divided through the election to unseat the president? Or is it a coincidental series of events?

DAN SCHINHOFEN: The bottom line

Can we get just one honest politician to stand up and say, “I think we may have overreacted to this whole COVID-19 thing”?