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Dan Schinhofen: Why a delay if there’s a ‘clear and present danger’

Remember when the Democrats in the House kept saying that? They told us they couldn’t wait for the courts to decide on Trump’s “obstruction” by going to the courts before rushing this impeachment through. (Every president has been allowed this courtesy or actually this right. Apparently, they think Donald Trump should be BELOW the law.

Tim Burke: Lack of progress is angering voters in the country

Unorthodox, narcissistic, vulgar, unconventional, and most certainly polarizing, are terms that have been used to describe President Donald Trump.

Dan Schinhofen: Development issue draws scrutiny

A story in the Oct. 30 edition of the PV Times titled, “Mountain Falls request rejected in Pahrump” caught my attention the other day.

STEVE SEBELIUS: Nobody’s forgetting Nevada’s caucus

Even if national media or political pundits fail to mention Nevada’s February caucus, candidates and their campaigns know where we fall on the nominating calendar.

Assemblyman Hafen: The time to pass President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement proposal is now

Nevada has been growing at a rapid rate, making it the fastest-growing state in the nation. Our business-friendly environment continues to bring new and exciting businesses, leading to an increase in both population and economic growth. Nevada’s companies are creating products and services, as well as finding new partnerships inside and outside of the United States.

Thomas Knapp: Voters say they want a third party

According to an October Rasmussen poll, 38% of likely voters say they intend to vote for “someone other than President Donald Trump or the Democratic presidential nominee” in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Tim Burke: How to make your brain AND your body happy

Somewhere between that third helping of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and that prime rib with potatoes and gravy from New Year’s Eve, the average American will gain anywhere from as little as one pound to as much as five pounds over the holidays.