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Letters to the Editor

Most politicians leave the public sector much richer

Letters to the Editor

Getting medical assistance is not what it used to be

Letters to the Editor

Recent letter on the confiscation of guns spurs response from reader

THOMAS KNAPP: Government vaccine mandates: immoral and impractical

If you only pay attention to the government and establishment media COVID-19 panic machines, you might not know that the U.S. is experiencing fewer than one-third as many new daily cases and hospitalizations as in January and fewer daily deaths than at any time since March of 2020.

We were getting comfortable, now the mask mandate is back

The resurgence of COVID-19 and the Clark County Health District’s recent recommendation that everyone should once again wear masks indoors had left many of us wondering if that recommendation would lead to local government entities requiring masks.

Letters to the Editor

Administration’s policies, school curriculum concerning

Letters to the Editor

Both political parties are full of it states reader

STEVE SEBELIUS: Face masks aren’t political oppression

Members of the public who objected to a mandate to wear face masks to slow the spread of COVID are vastly overstating their case.

Letters to the Editor

Reader believes more Trump lawsuits are to come

THOMAS KNAPP: Congressional proxy voting? No. Do the job or quit the job

“When the House revamped its rules in the early days of the pandemic to allow lawmakers to vote remotely,” Nicholas Fandos reports at the New York Times, “Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina was among 161 Republicans who sued to block the arrangement, arguing that it ‘subverts’ the Constitution.”

Letters to the Editor

Deflated balloons are real hazard to desert animals

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