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Nevada Assemblyman Hafen offers view of first session

With the first House passage deadline of the 2019 legislative session in our rearview mirror, I can’t help but reflect on the past few months. There are hundreds of bills still pending on issues ranging from education to economic development.

Dennis Myers: A playful tale of Nevada voters and politics

Last week, Nevada historian Alicia Barber posted an article on the KUNR website about the Reno cribs, the remains of a longtime cathouse just east of downtown Reno that eventually evolved into just a row of small rooms for rent in an elongated brick building a few hundred yards across the river from the Reno Police Department.

Dennis Myers: It’s hard to tell campaign money from bribery

A couple of decades ago, the Nevada Legislature enacted a new tax on soft drinks. When that legislative session ended for the year, the beverage industry contacted one of the state’s high-powered lobbyists and asked how to get rid of the new tax.

Tim Burke: Insights on Nevada Legislature’s ‘19 session

April 12 marked the deadline for bills to pass out of their first committee to be further considered during this year’s Nevada legislative session.

Victor Joecks: The problems with taking water from Eastern Nevada — VIDEO

The Southern Nevada Water Authority wants to take billions of gallons of water that doesn’t exist from Eastern Nevada via a pipeline that would cost ratepayers $15 billion. Doing so would devastate the wildlife and people who live there. That’s according to Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network, which opposes the pipeline.