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Letters to the Editor

Another possible lesson to be learned from the past

Letter to the Editor

Shifting political realities and the fallout from the last election cycle have sadly moved some policymakers to restrict access to the ballot for certain communities. We’ve seen it right here in Nevada, as a restrictive voter ID bill was introduced earlier this session. While the bill was dead on arrival, it is a troubling reminder that some legislators would rather restrict access to the ballot than work to win over these communities ahead of the next election.

Letters to the Editor

Reader responds to letter writers’ criticisms of views

Controversy over ‘offensive’ actions has many sides to it

On my first visit to Germany years ago, I noticed buildings that still bore the scars of World War II. Seventy years later, you could still see dark streaks from fire and smoke on the sides of the buildings.

Letters to the Editor

Stereotyping and labeling are not proper for real truth

Letters to the Editor

Socialist countries under defense umbrella of the US

STEVE SEBELIUS: Supreme Court says a tax is a tax

The Nevada Supreme Court held that extending a tax set to expire triggers the two-thirds supermajority requirement, contradicting the author’s oft-stated view that it does not.

Letters to the editor

Resident speaks out about construction road damage

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