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BASEBALL Trojans drop extra-inning game

The Pahrump American Legion Trojans have less than 10 games to go in the season. The team is 14-5 and sits in fourth place. They lost to Desert Oasis last night in extra innings, 7-6.

Queen of the heat Q & A with Badwater runner Alexa Dickerson

Ultra-marathoner Alexa Dickerson finished her first Badwater Ultra Marathon last year, when she finished 56th out of 96 runners and was the 10th female runner with a time of 38:53.  

Instructor turns kids into kung fu fighters

As a whole, kung fu has managed to hold onto tradition even though the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts combined with American  culture has slowly influenced some changes.

Local lifters press new records

Bill Prince and Gary Miller train together on occasion, and both have scored world records in bench pressing. Miller also excels in dead lifting. Both are on a new record-setting trend in 2013 with Prince having added three world records this year, and Miller four.

Retired teacher amasses 500,000 cards

In 1989 while watching the Giants vs the A’s in the 1989 World Series, Retired Pahrump Valley High School teacher and coach Rod Poteete took out his old baseball cards from a shoe box and started going through them.

Beat the heat, play golf

Beating the heat can take on different meanings. To most, it means staying cool, but for the bold few it means not being held prisoner to the weather and going out and doing something.

Hornets in need of coaches and funds

The Beatty Hornets have a shortage of coaches. The school is down to three head coaches for the six sports in which they participate.

Barrel racer dreams big

Barrel racing is a fast, competitive sport in rodeo. It attracts girls of all ages from all over the state.