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The Sharks lose to Faith Lutheran in close game

The Rosemary Clarke Middle School Sharks played their first game against the Faith Lutheran Crusaders last Saturday and lost 8-0.

Teamwork drives Klapper to play sports

Senior Julia Kapper had 33 hits and 13 kills in her last two games last week and has become a rising star in the Muckers lineup.

Strength, size and speed gives Tucsnak advantage on the football field

He is not the hulk by any means. In fact, he is on the small side when it comes to football linebackers at 5 feet 7 inches and 170 pounds. Nevertheless, size does not stop junior Trojans linebacker Sam Tucsnak from being the best he can be. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with heart and speed.

Lady Muckers smash two northern teams

The Muckers played two Division 4 northern teams over the weekend traveling to Carlin to play the Railroaders on Friday and to Eureka on Saturday against the Vandals.

Trojans defense plays hard, team comes up short

The Trojans took their rushing game to Boulder City last Friday, where they met a perennial powerhouse game, but the Eagles this year have not been the running team they have been in the past.

Beatty wins opener, runs past bigger opponent

The Beatty Hornets rolled past the Pyramid Lake Lakers on Saturday, 26-0. Hornets Coach Leo Verzilli said his team played well. He described the Lakers as a good middle-of-the-road team, which was perfect for his team to play as the first game of the season.

Cross Country blazes at Boulder City meet

Both cross country teams for the Trojans went into action on Saturday and Tuesday.

Trojans Girls Golf starts at Mountain Falls

The Trojans girls golf team had their first league match on Wednesday. The entire Sunset League came to Pahrump and played at Mountain Falls Golf Course with a tee time of 11 a.m.

People don’t Nauck this girl around on the soccer field

Trojans girls soccer games can be an intense experience, especially if watching from the field. On any particular game day the loudest voice you hear won’t be coming from the coaches, it’s coming from the goalkeeper, senior Kiaya Nauck.

Desert Pines squeaks by the Trojans

This year the Desert Pines Jaguars came to Pahrump and prevailed, barely. The score hardly reflects the near miss the Jaguars experienced, 41-27. The game was so close, the victorious coach of the Jaguars hastily left the stadium without making any remarks.

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