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Centrist media does public no service

Over the years during debates about whether the press is liberal or conservative, I’ve always maintained that the question is irrelevant because neither answer is correct. The press is establishment, oriented to centrism and authority, whoever happens to be holding office.

Fed up with cupcake cops

In physics, a unified field theory is an attempt to explain with a single hypothesis the behavior of several fields.

Zero-based budgeting has a history

There are fads that come and go in government. Reorganization has happened half a dozen times in Nevada state government in the last 40 years or so.

Nature’s creative dangers throughout our time

Although the Ebola virus might remain mostly confined to West Africa, it has infected the Western imagination. This eruption of uncontrolled nature into what developed nations consider serene modernity is more disturbing to the emotional serenity of multitudes than it is threatening to their physical health.

Letters to the Editor

Winning the mid-term election is no sure bet

America is home of the free and the gloomy

It is the very essence of the American Dream: an irrepressible confidence that our children will live better than we do.

Isn’t breaking laws what politics is about?

I read Mr. Ferrell’s progressive outlook on things and felt a response was in order. Let me say right off I am not a supporter of Mr. Schinhofen and that I consider Senators Graham and McCain to be progressives.

One way we were programmed

Sometimes I participate in a sort of email round robin discussion group with my brother and friends and recently we were discussing what happened to the Sambo’s restaurant chain and that led to a discussion of the story, “Little Black Sambo.”

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