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History has become a political weapon

In 2007, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons was taking a lot of heat for trying to remove a state gambling regulator who had been appointed by the previous governor.

COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: New and improved DMV not so improved

Here we go again, the NDMV is proudly proclaiming advancements in customer care. If your report is correct, for the year 2013, the Nevada DMV has collected windfall taxes equaling $2.8 million, from the kiosk tax levy of $5.00 per transaction.

FROM THE EDITOR: Happy 147th birthday to Pahrump residents

While state officials and Sesquicentennial lovers are busy celebrating the state’s 150th birthday, I was surprised to learn Pahrump was not part of the state’s first three years.

COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: Political mess shows no character or humility

Well we are pretty fed up with the political advertisements but what are they really saying? After each election process we all claim to have not voted for the politician whom we somehow put into office. Was it magic, apathy or trickery or just plain ignorance where we just voted a party line?

COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: What it means to be ‘Battle Born, Nevada Proud’

When did you become a Nevadan? Birth? Forty years ago? Last year? Most Nevadans come from somewhere else and are often instead asked how long we’ve lived in Nevada. There is a difference.

Letters to the Editor

Thanks from reader on cleanup of webpage

Nevada’s big money election

About a year ago, I interviewed political scientist Fred Lokken about Nevada’s changing politics. Among other things, he said that Nevada’s demographics were falling the Democratic Party’s way, essentially making the state blue.

Letters to the Editor

Nye County has selective prosecution

‘Should Nevada secede from the Union?’

With the rapid approach of the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s statehood, this might be an awkward time to ask the question. But here goes:

COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: VEA celebrates National Co-op Month

In recognition of National Co-op Month, which takes place in October each year to celebrate the benefits of cooperatives, I would like to take a moment to discuss the cooperative business model and its significant impact on our everyday lives.

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