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A battle for bearded bragging rights

Mustachioed and bearded competitors came from as far as Brazil last weekend to compete in the Battle Born Southern Nevada Beard and Mustache Competition at Petrack Park in Pahrump. They raised more than $4,000 for charity.

DAN SIMMONS: Why you should consider a family fishing trip

Introduce a friend, the kids in the family, or the kids in someone else’s family to a first-time experience they will never forget. The half-day fishing trips offered along the California coast are an excellent way to introduce them to deep-water ocean fishing.

Local author draws inspiration from paranormal experiences

Have you ever had anything happen to you that you just couldn’t explain? Seen something that didn’t make sense or had an encounter with something that you were pretty certain wasn’t human? Ann Lampkin has had several such experiences. So many in fact, that she’s written a book about her encounters.

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