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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Not new or normal

There are a few phrases lately that just make me want to scream. The first one is “new normal” and I’ll talk about that later. One of the others is, “no fault of our own” and “we’re all in this together,” both of which have a ring of truth to them. Of course, this is not our “fault,” which begs the question, “whose fault is it?” As for the virus itself I am not inclined to buy into conspiracy theories like George Soros and Bill Gates cooked this up with China. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party leadership is focused on blaming Trump. It seems that Pelosi is more concerned about scoring political points than actually dealing with the issue. So as to fault, the virus is a virus while the greater pain we have all felt is the shutdown of our society and economy.

Virus deadly to Beatty events

Among the victims of COVID-19 are Beatty’s two biggest events of the year—the Fourth of July celebration in the park and Beatty Days in October.

In Season: Getting to the heart of the Artichoke

I’ve been harvesting artichokes for a few weeks now in my garden. They’re one of the first vegetables that I look forward to harvesting in the spring. These edible flower buds are not only delicious but also provide a brilliant purple thistle-like bloom when left to flower.

Officials urge letting cannabis firms to access banking system

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford joined a bipartisan coalition of 34 state and territorial attorneys general urging Congress to pass the federal Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, which would give legal marijuana-related businesses access to the federal banking system.

Replacing mains a challenge in Beatty

Many Beatty residents have had to put up with a day or two without water in the last month or so as a crew from Four Point Engineering has worked on replacing alley water mains in parts of the town.

Drive-by birthday for Beatty’s oldest living resident

Enes Strozzi Wells, Beatty’s oldest living resident, was surprised with a drive-by celebration for her 99th birthday, Friday, May 15.

Little Caesars doing its part to pay it forward

Little Caesars in Pahrump has worked to deliver pizza to area first responders as part of a national effort to deliver a million pizzas to health care workers and and police and fire crews across the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nye County’s law enforcement officers and fire crews have been on overtime to serve the public during the public health crisis.

Election protection program rolled out for primaries

The Let Nevadans Vote coalition is operating its statewide Election Protection Program during the primaries for the first time this year. Nevadans can call 866-OUR-VOTE to report voting issues.

Golden announces new safety protocols for its properties

Golden Entertainment, Inc. has announced its “Golden Commitment,” a comprehensive plan that outlines new health and safety protocols and procedures for the company’s hotels, casinos and taverns.

Local man arrested on firearms charge

An approximately year-old conflict between neighbors led to the arrest of a Pahrump man.

Inyo County moves to next phase of reopening

Inyo County has received approval from the California Department of Public Health to move forward with reopening additional businesses. With this approval, Inyo County businesses that have completed an industry-specific checklist and submitted the Inyo County Business Attestation Form may receive approval to reopen.

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